About us

We are a bunch of makers in silicon valley with backgrounds in digital fabrication, art, electronics, and software. Our vision is to build tools (hardware and software) to help people create 3D content.

With ProtoDnD we want to help connect people who need 3D designs with the awesome 3D designer/modelers who also understand 3D printing and other rapid prototyping techniques. In doing so, we came across issues in communication and other challenges that one might face when working remotely with designers, which we are solving with ProtoDnD.

You can sign-up here: https://www.protodnd.com/ and start a new project to get your 3D designs made.

If you are a designer with 3D printing/Rapid prototyping experience, you can sign-up and select design service provider option and start helping people create 3D designs. We will also help you generate leads.

We are partnering with other service providers for local manufacturing/rapid prototyping of your 3D designs. Stay Tuned!